Building Code and Fire Code Specialists


An Innovative Company

This new company's insight into the application of the National and Provincial Building and Fire Codes has allowed the development of creative and innovative methods of compliance.Working as part of the design team, not just as a library of Code requirements, the creation of these solutions maintains the architectural intent of a design and can provide cost effective alternatives.

Product Development
New construction products and those being imported into Canada are not necessarily automatically permitted to be used in construction in Canada. These products must pass specific Canadian standards.
There is a growing trend that new products redefine the methods of construction, often in conflict with traditional methods recognized by the Canadian Building Codes. David Hine Engineering Inc. can provide technical assistance on the product use and testing to Canadian Standards. Where a product has evolved faster than the Codes can react, DHE can facilitate approvals at the Building Materials Evaluation Commission (BMEC) or with the Canadian Construction Material Centre (CCMC).
The new performance based Codes has reduced the need to appeal to the Province to convince the Municipality of compliance. However the need still exists and DHE can develop the technical documentation for submission and presentation at the Building Code Commission.
Building Types
The consultants at DHE have worked on many different building types and occupancies. The occupancies range from Assembly buildings such as the Rexall Center in Toronto to Mausoleums throughout Canada. Building types range from single family dwellings to multi-storey shopping centers.
No project is too large or too small.
Knowledge with Innovation.